Stalbridge Youth FC

Stalbridge Youth FC - Club Constitution



1.    The Club will be called Stalbridge Youth FC (the 'Club').

2.    The Club will be located at the Playing Fields, Park Grove, Stalbridge, Dorset, DT10 2RA.  

3.    The correspondence address of the Club will be the address of the Club Secretary.

4.    The Club's team colours will be royal blue.

5.    The aims and objectives of the Club will be to provide and promote youth football for children and young people regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religion or disability. 

6.    The Club will be affiliated to the County FA and will abide by and adhere to at all times all rules, regulations and procedures laid down by the County FA and relevant Youth Football Leagues. 

7.    The Club, its members and the Committee will abide by The FA's Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination and Equality Policies.  All of these Policies and Procedures, and Codes of Conduct will be shown on our website and form part of this Constitution.

8.    The Club will whilst using the facilities within the control of Stalbridge Playing Fields Management Committee at all times adhere to the requirements, procedures and regulations laid down by the Playing Fields Management Committee or any other body which has the power of interest in the Playing Fields.

9.    The Club will be run by a Committee which will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer (the 'Officials') with at least six members and a maximum of twelve and be known as the Stalbridge Youth FC Committee (the 'Committee').

10.  The quorum for the Committee will be four.

11.  Any member of the Club can be elected to the Committee and the Club will apply equal opportunity to all.

12.  The Officials will be elected at the Annual General Meeting which will be held annually at the end of the season usually in June/July.

13.  The Committee will meet monthly and discuss, agree democratically, and act on affairs of running the Club.

14.  The Officials and the Committee will have delegated powers to deal with ongoing day to day matters of the Club as these arise.

15.  A bank account will be opened and maintained in the name of the Club (the 'Club Account'):

a)  The finances of the Club shall be controlled by the Treasurer and the Committee who will have the power to authorise the payment of expenses from the Club Account to any member of the Club and authorise the payment to any other person/persons for services rendered to the Club.   

b)  The two designated account signatories of the Club Account shall be the Treasurer and a member of the Committee.

c)   Expenditure payments shall be drawn from the Club Account and authorised by the two designated account signatories.

d)   All monies payable to the Club shall be received by the Treasurer and deposited in the Club Account.

16.  A monthly statement of account shall be reported by the Treasurer to the Committee and a full set of accounts presented annually at the Annual General Meeting.  

17.  The Club shall retain its accounting records for a minimum of six years.

18.  The Annual General Meeting will approve or make decisions concerning all matters in the running of the Club and will approve or make decisions on all fees, honoraria and competitions, and appoint all Officials to the Committee.

19.  The Committee cannot overrule any decision taken at the Annual General Meeting unless a Special Meeting is called.  The Special Meeting must give the opportunity for all members of the Club to attend.   The quorum for such a meeting will be eight members.

20.  All individual Club members will be responsible for any fines or penalties imposed on them for activities within the remit of the Club.

21.  The position of an Official shall be vacated if such person is subject to a decision of The FA/County FA that such person be suspended from holding office or from taking part in any football activity or relating to the administration or management of the Club.

22.  The Committee shall have the power to warn, suspend, expel or take such other actions deemed appropriate against any member of the Club deemed guilty of breach of the Constitution or conduct prejudicial to the good name of the Club. There shall be no right of appeal.

23.  A Club member who wishes to resign shall give notice in writing to the Committee and the Committee will acknowledge in writing such resignation.

24.  A Club member who resigns or is expelled shall not be entitled to claim any, or a share of, the property owned by the Club and shall return to the Club any playing kit, equipment, keys or any such other property owned by the Club in their possession within the timescale agreed by the Committee.

25.  Stalbridge Youth FC shall be committed to promote a high standard of respect with safe and fair play in all of its activities on or off the field of play.

(Revised May 2019)