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Match Report

Match Report - 09 Dec 2012, Stalbridge Youth FC 15* beat AFC Chesil Devils

Stalbridge hosted an in form Chesil Devils and, after some last minute squad changes (Isaac in for Harvey due to illness), Stalbridge made a bright start. If some of the team start the match a half asleep, it doesn't take long for Cormac Wilcox to wake them up and lead by example with his pace and desire to get to the ball first. Stalbridge had some great early chances but were unable to convert. Stalbridge showed great composure on the ball with Tristan Marshall cleaning up well in defensive mid and turned defence into attack holding up the ball and passing to create another Stalbridge attack. Jack Royle made some great saves in the 1st half to keep the score at 0-0, supported by a solid back line of Sam hopkins, Will Oswald and Ollie Beaumont. Stalbridge conceded an unavoidable penalty and Chesil Devils went into the lead 1-0. Stalbridge kept their composure and focussed on playing some great passing football with Bradley Hicks passing the ball well out to Cormac who then set up Harry Steggles to take a well earned goal. Stalbridge went on the attack again with some great possession and passing from Ben Siddell setting the scene for an attack down the left from Isaac Stroud-Allen to score.Ollie Beaumont and Will Coleman played consistently well down the left creating further chances which Isaac took to take the score to 3-1. Lily Harrison really grew into the game with some great tackles and deft passing, along with Jack Royle who swapped his keepers gloves for the strikers position. The 4th Stalbridge goal came as a result of a rollout from Sam Hopkins to Ben Siddell who then passed up to Lily Harrison, who then set Isaac up for his 3rd. This followed by a 4th from Isaac and then Stalbridge got a little over confident and left a gap in the middle for Chesil Devils to capitalise on and score their second. Some great football played, well done!

Stalbridge Youth FC 15* 5 - 2 AFC Chesil Devils ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ollie Beaumont  
2 William Coleman  
3 Matthew Crosby  
4 Sam Hopkins  
5 Kristian Javes  
6 Tristan Marshall  
7 William Oswald  
8 Louis Palmer  
9 Jack Royle  
10 Ben Siddell  
11 Harvey Simpson  
12 Harry Steggles   1
13 Isaac Stroud-Allen   4
14 Cormac Wilcox  
15 Bradley Hicks  
16 Lily Harrison